Limited Edition Blind Justice Print by KimAnn Schultz

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Blind Justice is seated, draped in cloaks whose  complexity illustrate

the difficult nature of Her task.

Her posture is defiant and self-assured.

She holds close a set of canopic jars, symbolizing the heart and soul

that must go into the pursuit of truth and justice.

The mask at Her feet represents the theatre that thrives within the arena 

that is the courtroom, where passion and oratory intertwine with truths and

deceptions as goals and agendas are pursued.

The books represent the laws of man and the learning that defines our

 humanity and the reasoning that is ultimately our salvation.

An intense play of light and dark illustrates the ever-changing ways in

which the tangible and abstract can be seen.  Shadows are the obvious

dark side; bright reflection is the resolution -- however fleeting --

when Justice is served.